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I. Kangyuan group absolute ethyl alcohol branch

1. Brief: In 2007, the company expand it's area of 120 acres at County Industrial Park, to build production line of absolute ethyl alcohol with designed capacity of 10 thousand tons annually.
2. Main products: absolute ethyl alcohol.

II.Henan province Kangyuan Fragrance Co., Ltd.


      1.Brief: Henan province Kangyuan Fragrance Co., Ltd. Is the key enterprise of Kangyuan group, main products capacity:Ethyl caproate annual production capacity of 2,000 tons, 3,000 tons of ethyl lactate, Ethyl butyrate 2000 tons; other synthetic flavors and fragrances 1,000 tons.Henan Kangyuan Fragrance Co., Ltd. Have become the member units of China Food Additives Industry Association. The "Kangyuan Brand" spices consecutive three was named "Henan Province famous brand" and won the high quality products prize of Henan Province, products sell well in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, some exports, there are 7 series more than 120 different products,advanced production technology, reliable product quality, and always adhere to the "technical lead, customer satisfaction" as its purpose. To increase science and technology content, company work closely together with the Shanghai Institute of Spices Research, Shanghai Institute of Technology, China Agricultural University and other agencies etc, developed the "Kangyuan incense" series feed flavoring agent products ,which are popular among users.
2. Main products: food flavors and fragrances.
3. Tel: +86-378-2515888


III. Kaifeng city Baichuanhuibao Fragrance Co., Ltd.

1.Brief:Hexanoic acid production capacity of 1,000 tons / year;
2.Main products: Food additives, food flavors and fragrances.


IV: Kaifeng city Zhengfeng Machinery Factory

1. Brief: Engaged in agricultural machinery research and development, production and sales.
2. Main products:Planter, lifting plow, multi-functional planter.
3.Tel:+86-378-7333234   +86-378-7333296
V. Zhengzhou Yibang Industrial Co., Ltd.

1. Brief: Franchise food spice flavors, fine chemical products import and export business;
2. Main products: producing and sales of food additives, chemical raw materials and products, crop products, metal materials; engaged in goods and technology import and export business.
3.Tel: +86-371-6628836

VI. Weishi town Minsheng Industrial Co., Ltd.

1. Brief: Weishi town Minsheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Was established in 2005, engage in deep processing of agricultural products, grain and oil production and sales.
2. Main business: trade of agricultural products and food chemical products, food additives, flavors and fragrances , Proxy Processing grain and oil products;
3. Tel:+86-378-2512666
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